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Welcome to the Fuel Cell Curriculum Project Website. The goal of this project is to develop modules that bring fuel cell technology into the traditional mechanical engineering undergraduate curriculum. The site allows faculty members around the world to have easy access to these modules.

This material is part of the Hydrogen Education Curriculum at Michigan Technological University and Mississippi State University.

The following table lists mechanical engineering courses and the related modules.  Each module contains a brief background or motivation, an example problem with a solution, and a homework problem. For access to the homework problem solutions, please contact Jason Keith by email at keith at che dot msstate dot edu.
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Fluid Mechanics
Module 1: Pressure Losses During Internal Flow in a Fuel Cell
Module 2: Internal Multiphase Flow in a Fuel Cell
Heat Transfer
Module 3: Energy Balance with Convection and Radiation Heat Transfer in a Fuel Cell
Module 4: Natural Convection Cooling of a Fuel Cell
Module 5: Transient Conduction with Convection Cooling in a Fuel Cell
Module 6: Phase Change in a Fuel Cell
Principles of Energy Conversion
Module: Energy Value of Fuels
Module: Hydrogen Production Cost
Module: Fuel Energy Cost and Energy Density
Module: Battery / Fuel Cell Vehicle Range
Module: Solar Energy Analysis
Module: Wind Energy Analysis

Fuel Cell Technology
Module: Computation of Fuel Cell Irreversibilities
Module: Computation of Fuel Cell Voltage Gain due to Increased Air Pressure
Internal Combustion Engines
Module: Engine Cycle Analysis for Different Fuels
Module: GT Power Model Analysis for Different Fuels and GT Power .gtm File Download (right click, then "save target as" and change extension to .gtm)
Combustion and Air Pollution
Module: Flame Temperature Analysis and NOx Emissions for Different Fuels
Module: Manual Calculation of Adiabatic Flame Temperature: Hydrogen vs. Conventional Fuels
Module: Manual Calculation of Adiabatic Flame Temperature: Hydrogen vs. Alternative Fuels
Module: Effect of Temperature on Laminar Flame Speed and CHEMKIN data files
Module: Effect of Equivalence Ratio on Laminar Flame Speed and CHEMKIN data files
Module: Stoichiometric Analysis of Fuel Combustion
Module: Hydrogen Flammability
Module: Theoretical Fuel Consumption and Power
Nonlinear Systems Analysis and Control
Module: Control System Design for Convective Cooling of Fuel Cells
Failure of Materials in Mechanics
Module: Structural Analysis of Thin Film Oxide Electrolyte in SOFCs
Module: Fatigue and Failure of Thin Membrane Electrode Assembly in PEMFC
Metal Forming Processes
Module: Analysis of Hydroforming vs. Stamping of Metallic Bipolar Plates
Module: Stainless Steel Bipolar Plates: Hydroforming vs. Stamping
Module: Die Design for Hydroforming Stainless Steel Bipolar Plates

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