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Welcome to the Fuel Cell Curriculum Project Website. The goal of this project is to develop modules that bring fuel cell technology into the traditional electrical engineering undergraduate curriculum. The site allows faculty members around the world to have easy access to these modules.

This material is part of the Hydrogen Education Curriculum at Michigan Technological University and Mississippi State University.

The following table lists electrical engineering courses and the related modules.  With the exception of the laboratory, each module contains a brief background or motivation, an example problem with a solution, and a homework problem. For access to the homework problem solutions, please contact Jason Keith by email at jmkeith at che dot msstate dot edu.
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Introduction to Power and Energy
Module: Energy Consumpion Analysis
Module: Energy Efficiency Analysis
Module: Energy Emissions Analysis
Module: Battery Energy Analysis
Module: Battery / Fuel Cell Vehicle Range
Module: Solar Energy Analysis
Module: Wind Energy Analysis
Circuits and Instrumentation
Module: Fuel Cell Series Load Analysis
Module: Fuel Cell Parallel Load Analysis
Module: Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stack Performance: Single Load
Module: Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack Performance: Single Load
Module: Analysis of DC/DC Converter in a PEM Fuel Cell Application
Electrical Engineering Laboratory
Module: Renewable Energy Characteristics

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