Approved Chemistry Electives

CH 3213Inorganic Chemistry
CH 4213Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I
CH 4303Environmental Chemistry
CH 4423Physical Chemistry II
BCH 4013Principles of Biochemistry
BCH 4603General Biochemistry I
BCH 4613General Biochemistry II
BCH 4333Advanced Forensic Science

Approved Chemical Engineering Electives

CHE 4193Automotive Engineering
CHE 4313Transport Phenomena
CHE 4423Fundamentals of Industrial Corrosion
CHE 4613Air Pollution Control and Design
CHE 4624Experimental Methods in Materials Research
CHE 4673CHE Industrial Microbiology
CHE 4683Fundamentals of Biofuels Production
CHE 4990Special Topics in Chemical Engineering

Other courses may be approved in special cases.  Consult your advisor.

NOTE:  CHE 4000 Directed Individual Study will normally not be approved for the required CHE elective, but may instead be used as a technical elective.

Approved Technical Electives

In general, any 3000 or 4000 level course in science, math, and engineering is acceptable (with advisor’s approval). Possible electives in other disciplines are:

Biological Sciences

BIO 1134Biology I
BIO 3103Genetics I
BIO 3304General Microbiology
BIO 3504Comparative Anatomy

Business Law

BL 4263Environmental Law

Food Science and Technology

FST 4243Composition and Chemical Reactions of Foods
FST 4573Food Engineering Fundamentals
FST 4583Food Preservation Technology

Directed Individual Study

(only one three credit hour section allowed to count as a Technical Elective)
CHE 4000Directed Individual Study (must have approval and direction by a chemical engineering
faculty member)

Plant and Soil Sciences

PSS 4990/6990Special Topics in Plant and Soil Sciences: Soil Pollution