Graduate Education

Our department has broad research interests in many cutting-edge areas in chemical engineering science. This includes the treatment of waste using bacteria, catalysts for producing new chemicals, removal of heavy metals from contaminated soil, gas hydrates for storing natural gas, crystallization for separating chemicals, development of fuel cells, production of liquid fuels from various feedstocks, polymer surface and biopolymer engineering, modeling of heat and mass transport in chemical reactors, and microreactor technologies. These projects have received support from industry and federal agencies including the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and the Department of Agriculture, among others.

The core of our graduate program is our graduate students, who come from all over the world to study chemical engineering at MSU. Recently, students have come from India, China, Philippines, Turkey, Nigeria, El Salvador, South Korea, Malaysia, Argentina, and Iran, as well as from other institutions in the United States. Graduate students are required to complete a core set of courses in advanced thermodynamics, chemical kinetics and dynamics, advanced process computations, and advanced transport phenomena. The remainder of a student's time is spent taking elective courses and participating in research towards completion of their masters thesis or doctoral dissertation.

Furthermore, as part of the graduate experience, students can interact with leading scientists and engineers at other chemical engineering programs in the graduate seminar series. In addition to academics, chemical engineering graduate students have their own graduate student association, which sponsors social events especially designed for graduate students and their families. There are also opportunities to take courses by distance through the Bagley College of Engineering E-Learning Program. Finally, we have some of the best faculty members in the nation, and you can check out their research and academic background on our faculty pages.

The following deadlines have been established by the Graduate Affairs Committee:

For Domestic Students:
Spring Enrollments need applications by 10/15
Summer Enrollments need applications by 3/15
Fall Enrollments need applications by 6/15

For International Students:
Spring Enrollments need applications by 8/15
Summer Enrollments need applications by 2/15
Fall Enrollments need applications by 4/15

In order to ensure your ability to apply for resources from the College of Engineering, all students should submit their application two months prior to the International Student deadlines for the desired semester. Apply here.

For more information, please contact one of our Graduate Coordinators: