Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a world where a diverse group of individuals contributes to an incredible range of processes and products including pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, artificial kidneys, oil refineries, solar panels, clean water, and biocompatible polymers. Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the chemical and physical processes used to develop and make these and many other products. Without question, chemical engineers are making major contributions to the technological infrastructure of modern society

Our students usually come to chemical engineering with a strong interest in applying chemistry and math to make processes and products to improve all aspects of human life. If you are interested in chemical engineering as a career, I would invite you to check out Careers in Chemical Engineering or What do Chemical Engineers do?. You may also want to look at Why Not Chem Eng.

Chemical engineering graduates end up working in a wide range of industries, including chemicals, oil and gas, alternative energy, environment, food, biomedicine and pharmaceuticals, electronics, materials, and pulp and paper. Our students obtain valuable experience through internships and cooperative education programs. You can find chemical engineering salary information here.

What do MSU chemical engineering students do for fun? You could become a member of one of our four student organizations within ChE, including the student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers that has received numerous outstanding chapter awards at the national level. Our students also help organize tailgate events prior to all home football games.

Would you like to meet our internationally recognized, dynamic faculty who truly represent some of the “best of the best” in the nation? Check out our faculty web pages to see where our faculty come from and some of their interests. If you want to get a chemical engineering degree from an exceptional engineering school, then MSU may be the right place for YOU. We’re also very affordable, and our students receive over $200,000 in scholarships from the Bradford, Henry, and Swalm Scholarship funds. In addition, Mississippi State University and the Bagley College of Engineering also award scholarships to our students.