Below you will find a listing of research areas and faculty focus areas.


Catalysis & Reaction Engineering

  • Dr. Rai – Computational Design of Catalytic Materials

ChE Fundamentals

Data Analytics

Engineering Education

Energy Engineering

Environmental Engineering

  • Dr. Amirlatifi - Carbon Dioxide Capturing, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS)
  • Dr. Bricka - Soil Remediation
  • Dr. Keith - Modeling of After Treatment Systems
  • Dr. Mirabolghasemi – Oilfield Produced Water Management, Sustainable Carbon Sequestration
  • Dr. Xiang – Carbon Dioxide Capture & In Situ Conversion; Dr. Heshmati – Geothermal Energy Production


  • Dr. Heshmati – Dynamics of Fluid Flow in Porous Media, Capillarity, Interfacial Phenomena


Machine Learning & Data Science

  • Dr. Rai – Application of Machine Learning for Materials Design and Molecular Simulations


  • Dr. Hill - Crystallization
  • Dr. Jessop - Polymers
  • Dr. Kundu - Polymers and Soft Materials
  • Dr. Keith - Modeling of Transport Properties of Composite Systems
  • Dr. Rai – Rational Design of Optoelectronic Materials, Organic Electronics, Perovskites, Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Materials, Self-assembly
  • Dr. Xiang – Catalytic Material Design and Characterization

Molecular Simulations & Thermodynamics

  • Dr. Rai – Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Monte Carlo (MC) Simulations, First Principles MD and MC Simulations, Statistical Mechanics