FAQ for Graduate Admissions

What are the application deadlines for different terms?

We follow graduate school deadlines. However, in order to be considered for funding, we encourage to apply as early as possible. Applications received before January 15 for Summer and Fall terms, and May 15 for the Spring term will be considered for funding support.

What are the admissions criteria?

Admissions decisions are made by the Swalm School of Chemical Engineering Graduate Affairs Committee based upon a variety of criteria including: B.S./M.S. GPA, test scores, research experience and interests, letters of recommendation, and statement of purpose.

Are graduate students supported on research and teaching assistantships?

Yes, almost all of our Ph.D. and some M.S. students are supported on either research or teaching assistantships. We typically provide support for up to 5 years for doctoral students contingent on availability of funding and satisfactory academic progress.

Is there a recommendation on how to contact faculty?

As majority of the funding in the form of research assistantship, it is advised that students contact faculty members with similar research interests. When you contact faculty members, it is best to include CV and research interests, and state why you want to work with the particular faculty member.

How do I apply to the Chemical Engineering program?

You can apply here.

Do all international students need to take TOEFL?

Applicants whose native language is not English must submit the results of either the TOEFL or IELTS exam. For more information see the Graduate School website.

I do not have B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering. Can I still apply to the program and be successful in the program?

Our faculty have wide-ranging research interests where excellent student with background in Petroleum Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, or Physics can be successful. Students without Chemical Engineering background usually take selected undergraduate chemical engineering courses providing the necessary background to allow successful completion of graduate level core-courses. We encourage you to contact faculty with research interests most closely aligned with your interests to learn more about any potential openings.

Who do we contact for problems during application process?

Any questions related to online application and how to submit documents for the formal application should be directed to the graduate school admissions staff. Once your online application is complete, you should contact CHE graduate coordinator. You should wait at least four weeks after completing your application to enquire about application status.