The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (ChEGSA) at Mississippi State University is committed to connecting new graduate students in the ChE graduate program and improving relationships between graduate students of different research groups.

ChEGSA is devoted to increasing social and academic activities for graduate students. We encourage graduate students to participate in Chemical Engineering seminars each semester, especially if the research will be presented at National or Technical conferences. Social activities, such as birthday parties, successful master’s and PhD defense celebrations, picnics, trips, and welcome parties for new graduate students, are organized and encourage support and socialization between graduate students in the department.  We are also involved in helping the department to recruit/interview talented graduate students from around the USA and the world to grow our graduate program. Our student organization is developing a ChE specific graduate student handbook to help students in the application process and in life as a graduate student at MSU.


Officers (Fall 2013 - Fall 2014)
President: Navid Zanganeh
Vice-president: Bo Portillo
Secretary: Kamal Lamichhane
Treasurer: Shamim Howlader
Events committee:  Caterina Tran


To provide graduate students in the Swalm School of Chemical Engineering a supportive and enriching environment, an active role in departmental activities and social gatherings, and to facilitate communication between the graduate students and the department head and/or graduate coordinator.



As Mississippi State University Chemical Engineering graduate students we are committed to:

  • Connecting current and new graduate students with former graduate students and their experiences after graduation
  •  Organizing a handbook for ChE grad students written from student experiences
  • Facilitating interaction between students of different research groups
  • Helping new graduate students get involved in the department
  • Sharing modern and developed techniques in teaching to students
  • Achieving excellence and becoming one of the most successful ChE graduate programs globally

For more information about student life around campus, activities and other questions contact Navid Zanganeh at