Minor in Petroleum Engineering

A minor in Petroleum Engineering (PTE) will prepare students for additional study or employment in the field of petroleum engineering. Students will become familiar with basic theory and techniques necessary for evaluating and managing oil and gas reservoirs and informing their design decisions involving oil and gas recovery. Academic advising toward the PTE minor is available from the CHE Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Julie Jessop.

Students majoring in petroleum engineering are not eligible for this minor. Students majoring in chemical engineering will find it easiest to pair the minor with the Practice Concentration.

A minimum of 21 hours must be taken to obtain the PTE minor. All hours earned in the Petroleum Engineering minor program must be taken at MSU. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required in all courses in the minor program.

For all eligible MSU engineering majors, the PTE minor consists of six required courses and one restricted elective course.  Note that some courses may require other courses as prerequisites.

Required Courses18 Total Credit Hours
PTE 3953 – Petroleum Reservoir Rock Properties3
PTE 3903 – Petroleum Reservoir Fluid Properties3
PTE 3963 – Drilling3
PTE 3973 – Petroleum Production Operations3
PTE 4923 – Completion Design3
PTE 4903 – Petroleum Reservoir Engineering I3
Required Elective Course (Choose one of the following.)3 Total Credit Hours
PTE 4913 – Petroleum Reservoir Engineering II3
PTE 4953 – Formation Evaluation3
PTE 4963 – Oil Recovery Methods3