AIChE Date Auction


AIChE Date Auction

On Thursday, September 29, 2016 AIChE held a date auction in the Swalm Auditorium. This event was put together in order to raise funds for future events planned for the organization. It has been approximately 13 years since the last date auction. AIChE Co-President, Elizabeth Stafford, stated, “We found a paper from about 13 years ago that had information about a date auction on it and decided to give it a try.” The event had a terrific turn out and raised approximately $250. The atmosphere during the auction was playful and warming. Many of the contestants stated in their auction profile that they were open to study dates as well as dinner dates. Of the contestants that participated, Derek Migues received the highest bid of a whopping $45. When asked what made him decide to participate Derek responded, “What are you doing with your life if you do not get out there with others and network.” When asked why she preferred a study date, Elizabeth answered, “I prefer to help people, and I enjoy studying. I am not opposed to bringing books on a date.” Overall the program was well-organized and planned. Due to the positive turn out of this fall’s date auction, AIChE is planning similar events in the spring. The money that was raised during the data auction is being put towards a very special event that holds a deep meaning to many of those in AIChE. The money is going to be used to help purchase food for the Dr. Rebecca Toghiani Memorial cookouts, which will be held on October 18th and 25th. Everyone is encouraged to attend!



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