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Undergraduate Students

The following links will take you to information about our curriculum and the concentrations that you can enroll in.

Note: Effective for graduates in May 2015 and later, CHE 4633 Chemical Process Safety will be required for all concentrations.

Concentrations (graduates up through December 2014):

Concentrations (graduates May 2015 and later):

Please remember that the R&D concentration is recommended for those planning to pursue a graduate engineering degree. The biomolecular concentration is for students in pre-med or similar pre-professional tracks. The Chemical Engineering Practice is our “traditional” curriculum.

Also note that ALL three concentrations require all core chemical engineering courses and will allow you to choose a career path in industry (or otherwise). This is important to recognize for the situations where you might begin your study toward a particular career path and choose at the end to change to something else. These concentrations were designed to facilitate one direction or another – not to limit career choice.

Chemical Engineering Practice Concentration for Transfer Students:

These sheets are meant to be a guide for a transfer student. Please be sure to consult your advisor to make sure you remain on track for your degree.

Chemical Engineering Practice Concentration for Co-op Curriculum:

These sheets are meant to be a guide for a student pursuing cooperative education. Please be sure to consult your advisor to make sure you remain on track for your degree.


Registration and Academic Advising:

Pre-registration advising can take place by sending your proposed schedule to Dr. Elmore at elmore@che.msstate.edu. He will review your proposed schedule, and if approved, will send you a RAC (Registration Access Code). You are also welcome to visit with Dr. Elmore during his office hours. Please note that math placement for entering students will depend upon ACT scores.


Please note that you will need to satisfy the prerequisites for the courses that you are signing up for.

Additional Information:


    • Chemcad
      • ChemCAD Software Download
      • Instructions: Once the file has been downloaded, click on the CHEMCAD 6.5.7 icon and when the program opens, select the Sys Auth (System Authorization) Tab.  Locate the System Key and email that combination of letters and numbers to Ms. Tamar Burrell at tamar@che.msstate.edu.  She will then contact Chemstations by email for your program authorization and email it back to you.  It is best if you send Ms. Burrell your system key early in the day, so that Chemstations has time to respond.  Please do not email the system key late in the afternoon (2pm or later) and expect a response from Chemstations the same day.