American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE)

AADE's mission is to provide the forum for the dissemination of practical drilling technology to those employed or interested in the drilling industry.  MSU’s student section of the AADE is sponsored by the New Orleans Chapter. Being an AADE Student Member is considered a noteworthy achievement by drilling industry professionals and executives. Student membership provides students the opportunity to:

  • Meet practicing professionals and active members in industry while still attending school
  • Interact with drilling professionals in the field and office settings
  • Attend AADE-sponsored meetings, conferences, and section meetings at a reduced price or free of charge
  • Apply for financial assistance from AADE-sponsored scholarship programs

MSU Student Section of AADE


AADE Officers 2024

Colton Lott

Vice President
Sophia Iannone

Caylani Crutcher

Ethan Voss

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Mohammad Heshmati