Engineers Engaged in E-Week

February 21, 2018

By: Heather Bouse

Every year for a full school week, students from every engineering major come together to compete in friendly competition.  Including a variety of events from social media contests, to dodge ball games, to fun engineering challenges, E-Week hosts activities for everyone to enjoy.  E-week is not just a Mississippi State event but is organized by Engineering Student Councils around the United States on the same week.  Through participation and winning competitions, students can earn points for their engineering discipline.  At the end of the week, the major with the highest number of points wins the E-Week trophy for the whole year.  Last year in Spring 2017, the chemical engineering students won E-Week through amazing participation and involvement from the students, but this year’s winner has yet to be determined.

Unlike last year, E-Week will be taking place in February rather than in April and will span Monday 19th to Friday 23rd.  Jen Fisher, President of Engineering Student Council, says ESC is “excited to host several fun events like Clockwork Dodge Ball and 3D Printing for engineering undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty.” First place winners in events gain 100 points for their major with second place earning 85 points, third place gaining 70 points, and so on with eighth place gaining 0 points.  A few events, such as the social media event, also award a point for every submission in the competition.  Nearly all activities are scheduled for the evening after classes. An opening ceremony at 5:30pm Monday on the Drill Field will kick off the event.

The schedule is as follows:

The Schedule of Events

Mon. (Feb 19)

  • Opening Ceremony- 5:30pm- Drill Field
  • Clockwork Dodge Ball- 5:30pm- Drill Field
  • 3D Printing Deadline- 5:00pm- MSU Library Event

Tues. (Feb 20)

  • Social Media Contest: #MSUEWEEK18
  • Egg Drop- 5:30pm- Hurst Hall
  • Marshmallow Towers- 6:30pm- Hurst Hall

Wed. (Feb 21)

  • Resume Building Workshop- 5:30pm- Library Auditorium
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes- 6:15pm- Library

Thurs. (Feb 22)

  • BIG DAWGS Talks- 5:30pm- Allen 13
  • Engineering Olympics- 6:00pm- Allen 13

Fri. (Feb 23)

  • Closing Dinner- 6pm

(Tickets for the event can be purchased by an ESC Officer Location: TBD)

BIG DAWGWith such a variety of events, every student can find one to enjoy.  BIG DAWG Talks brings together many of the presidents/heads of major clubs on campus to speak to students about their respective organizations.  For a more hands on activity, Engineering Olympics involves a series of mini-games (Cookie Face, Suck It Up, Stack Attack, Scoopers, etc.).  For a mental challenge, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has one team member viewing a virtual reality bomb while team members try to coach the member viewing the bomb on how to defuse it.  Along with these daily events, two competitions will take place over the course of the entire week beginning at 8am on Monday and ending Friday at 5pm.  In the banner contest, each engineering major tries to create the most unique and standout banner design for E-Week, and in the Fantastic Contraption contest, students play through a physics-based construction virtual reality game.
Mississippi State’s Engineering Student Council is hoping to see a great turnout for this year’s E-Week.  Participation in events is not only a great way to learn and challenge oneself but also to meet and have fun with fellow engineering students from all the disciplines on campus.  John Suedel, co-President of AIChE, is acting as the E-Week communication coordinator for chemical engineering. AIChE officers should be contacted for more information on the banner contest and other team events.  All updates to the E-Week schedule can be found on the Engineering Student Council social media pages (Facebook: Mississippi State Engineering Student Council, Instagram: escmsu, Twitter: @ESCatMSU). The chemical engineering department hopes to see all its students participate in E-week and to continue to hold the trophy for “Best Engineering Major”!