Biofuels Camp a Large Success

July 31, 2012

The Biofuels Camps were part of the activities associated with the Southeast Biofuels and Renewable Energy Conference.  The camps were funded in part by the National Science Foundation and Hearin funds.  They were coordinated and organized by Dr. Rafael Hernandez, and the Emerson Family Center (Elmarie Carr Brooks).  There were separate camps for 6-12 yr olds and teenagers.

Both camps were educational, engaging, and fun.  Participants were introduced to production of biodiesel and ethanol from soybean oil and corn, respectively. The attendees were informed about the problems associated with producing biofuels using food related feedstocks.  They were shown other alternatives to producing biofuels, such as the integration of biomass, wastewater treatment facilities, and microorganisms.  All of these educational materials were presented in the form of games, experiments, and videos.

Others from the Swalm School of Chemical Engineering who were helping with these camps include Dr. Patrisha Pham, Dr. Andro Mondala, Dr. Emmanuel Revellame, and Mr. Bill Holmes.