August 31: Dr. Medhat M. Kamal, Swalm 001 @ 3:30 PM

August 23, 2023

The Future Need for Petroleum Engineering in the Expanding Energy Space

3:30 p.m., Thursday, August 31
Swalm 001, Eastman Auditorium

Dr. Medhat M. Kamal

Medhat (Med) M. Kamal is a Chevron Fellow Emeritus and the 2023 President of the International Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPEI).

Dr. Kamal worked for Cairo University, Amoco Production Research, and ARCO Exploration and Production Company before joining Chevron in 2000. He is an Honorary Member of SPEI.

His primary responsibilities with Chevron include competency development within the company, identification and development of emerging and white-space
technology opportunities, and provision of technological advice and counsel
to senior management.

He formerly was the leader at the dynamic reservoir characterization group at Chevron Energy Technology Company.

He is the lead author and editor of SPE Monograph 23 Transient Well Testing, and has published repeatedly in various refereed SPE journals. He served as technical editor, review chairman, and executive editor of JPT and SPEREE and is a Peer-Apart member.

He holds B.Sc. degree (with Honors) from Cairo University and MS and PhD degrees from Stanford University in petroleum engineering (with minor in Computer science).

Dr. Kamal served as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer twice giving his lectures more than 80 times in 35 countries. He has won several regional and international awards including the Cedric K. Ferguson Medal, the Formation Evaluation Award, SPE Distinguished Service Award and the Texas Petroleum Engineer of the Year Award. and served on the SPE International Board of Directors (2007-2009) as the Regional Director of Western North America.

Dr. Medhat M. Kamal