Advice from a Senior ChE Student

January 16, 2020

I, like most students early in the curriculum, sometimes wonder how the seniors have “made it” to where they are now. I sat down with Woody Wilson, a senior chemical engineering student from Savannah, Tennessee, to get some advice.

The first piece of advice Wilson had is one many seniors echo: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re confused.” In addition to your professors, upperclassman and teaching assistants are more than willing to stop what they are doing and help you. They have been exactly where you are now and understand what it’s like. Don’t struggle in silence!

When seeking an internship or co-op position, Wilson’s biggest advice is to start early. Go to the Career Expo as a freshman and be actively seeking a job as a first-semester sophomore. Wilson had an internship with Bioenergy Development Group, and he found that it is better to have some professional experience, regardless of your plans after graduation. It makes you more competitive when looking for any future positions.

Wilson also advises to get involved in organizations. As the AIChE Jeopardy team captain, Wilson enjoys the chance to take a break and relax with classmates. He says that, while it is good to be in a major officer position, even being involved in a smaller role is very beneficial for personal networking and growth.

After graduation, Wilson plans to stay at Mississippi State for graduate school under Dr. Neeraj Rai. We wish the best of luck to Wilson and all the other seniors as they finish their last semesters and move on to their next steps.

By: Caitlin Wesson