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Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, Richard M. Felder and Ronald W. Rousseau

Welcome to the Fuel Cell Curriculum Project Website. The goal of this project is to develop modules that bring fuel cell technology into the traditional chemical engineering undergraduate curriculum. The site allows faculty members around the world to have easy access to these modules.

This material is part of the Hydrogen Education Curriculum at Michigan Technological University and Mississippi State University.

This page contains links to different chapters (2-9 and 11) of the popular chemical engineering undergraduate textbook, Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes by Richard M. Felder and Ronald W. Rousseau. These were prepared in collaboration between Dr. Jason Keith and PhD student Daniel Lopez Gaxiola at Michigan Technlogical University.

Each chapter contains modified example problems from the text applied to hydrogen and fuel cells. There are 90 problems that have been completed during this project. An instructor can use an individual problem as an in-class exercise, or they could simple cut the problem statement from the chapter to use as a homework or exam problem or (in the case of longer problems) a team project.

For access to the solutions, please contact Jason Keith by email at jmkeith at che dot msstate dot edu.

Chapter 2: Introduction to Engineering Calculations
Chapter 3: Process and Process Variables
Chapter 4: Fundamentals of Material Balances
Chapter 5: Single-Phase Systems
Chapter 6: Multiphase Systems
Chapter 7: Energy and Energy Balances
Chapter 8: Balances on Nonreactive Processes
Chapter 9: Balances on Reactive Processes
Chapter 11: Balances on Transient Processes